3 days Club

3DAYS Club, the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a leading platform in the field of rehabilitation and health and physical fitness where our mission is to ensure you get everything you need in order to achieve all your health goals and reach an advanced level of fitness Through the use of the latest advanced equipment and rehabilitation programs with different strategies that suit each client individually in addition to the presence of a wide base of distinguished trainers and experts in this field and ensure their presence with you throughout the exercise to help you reach the ideal physical form and also make sure to diversity Done Our services in this area include not only the preparation of rehabilitation programs and ensuring their implementation, but also expand to include a range of screening services that we offer you at the subscription such as fat screening, dietary behavior modification and physical therapy programs. To get the perfect physical structure and to be healthy always all you need to do is to come to the headquarters of the club and we take care of the rest to have a period of exercise to make you enjoy a unique health.

Why 3 days ?

We are a new concept club based on high performance personal training with a focus and attention on the functional exercises of the body, the duration of the training session 60 minutes with a maximum of 10 trainees allowing the trainer to provide exercises correctly and high concentration of trainees.

Our coaches were carefully selected from the Republic of Brazil